domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Las aventuras culinarias de Paul Gilbert (Paul Gilbert's cooking adventures)

Mr. Big guitarist and solo artist Paul Gilbert has always loved eating, and he credits adventurous parents, plus the need to feed himself in guitar school, as inspirational factors in his adult cooking adventures. He spent a couple years in Japan and greatly admires their chefs. The guitarist's passion for cooking has only grown, and it has served him well when traveling.

"At the very least, I always make fresh orange juice [on tour]," says Gilbert, who enjoys fresh food that has been lovingly prepared. "I used to carry a heavy-duty juicer on tour and have 10 pounds of carrots on the rider every day, but now I just ask for oranges and carry a little hand-squeezer and a knife with me. Sometimes the venue will have a kitchen, and then I'll take a look to see if I can make something more substantial."

Gilbert recalls getting to one venue early and finding a refrigerator full of fresh vegetables and eggs, so he whipped up omelets for the whole band and crew, much to the chagrin of the caterer, who now guards her stash whenever he plays there. "She's a great cook, so I don't mind," says Gilbert. "Anyway, some rock musicians get in trouble for throwing TV sets out the hotel window. I get in trouble for making omelets and using up all the mushrooms."

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